1st Gear Students get at least two road rides. If you paid more for your course, you’ll get four road rides. If you want extra rides, cost is $50. You must have passed your MSA/MST test. Limit of 5-10 riders each ride.

Bring your motorcycle license as you cannot ride without it.

Road Rides last 2.5 to 3 hours. Motorcycles and Gear provided just like the course.

Will start in late February or first week of March

Will start in mid March

 e-mail roadrides@1stgear.ca
text 604 442 7623
call 778 714 4327

Please include your name, phone number, email, and how many road rides you’ve done with us.

Rides may be cancelled due to heavy rains and/or cold temperatures. Light rain is ok! 

These road rides are designed to introduce you to the road in a safe, instructor led environment.

Please e-mail or call us about the road rides you would like to attend. Please do not show up with out signing up. We have ICBC instructor requirements for road rides. We need to be sure we have the adequate amount of staff to run them. This is why we ask for 48 hours notice. If you have just completed the course and want to take your road rides right away, we will do our best to place you. Thank you!

Unless otherwise told, you are expected on the ride. If you fail to show or cancel within 48 hours of your ride, this will count as one of your rides.

Everything is provided. Bike choice is first come, first served.

Rides last approximately 3 hours (orientation, ride, coffee break, ride).

You will be required to ride at no less than the speed limit at all times, unless you are confident that you will be able to do this please do not attend.

You are required to carry both your licences (paper and plastic), and you are unable to ride without them.

Route is determined on the skill level and comfort of the group. We try our best to cater the ride to the desire and skill level of the group.

The road ride may be cancelled due to bad weather. We are ok with a little rain but if it is dark, windy, and raining heavily we will cancel the ride.  The road ride will be cancelled if only one or two riders are registered.



Rules of the ride.

– When you arrive: identify yourself to the road ride instructor, tell them which bike you would like to ride,

grab some gear (don’t forget the vest), and introduce yourself to the other riders.

– As a rider you are responsible for T-CLOCKing your bike of choice (this way we have someone to

blame if you run out of gas!).

– You will have an opportunity to “warm up the bike” in the training lot before we head out.

– While on the road please remember to ride in a “staggered formation”: no more than one second

behind and on the right, or 2 seconds behind.

– When we stop at lights or stop signs, we stop 2 at a time, and then ride through 2 at a time.

– If you stall at a light you probably aren’t in 1st gear; tap down a gear, start up and get moving.

– Please, no passing… ever… no excuses… got it?

– If we loose you at a light, don’t worry, we will be waiting for you down the road. If you see us pulled

over indicating to the right, pull over. If we are indicating to the left, slow down and make room for us

to pull out in front of you.

– If you get lost, ride no more than 2 blocks, stop and wait. If we still haven’t found after 15 minutes

head back to the shop, we’ll probably be waiting for you.

– While you are riding, if you hear 1 beep resume someone hit the horn accidently. If you hear 2

beeps presume you have left your indicator on and cancel it! Please don’t look down or around to

see where the lights are on… just hope it isn’t you. If you see us “flashing” our hand that is like

hearing 2 beeps (see above). Three beeps means “excuse me Ride Leader, please pull over when

you have a moment, I have something I need to attend too.” 4 beeps, “Hey Ride Leader, I’m

experiencing an emergency and need to stop, just letting your know!”

– Please, no crossing solid white or yellow lines… ever!

– Ride your own ride; don’t blindly follow us or other riders into curves while matching our speed.

-Approach all turns at a level you are comfortable.

– On blind hills and in intersections where opposing traffic is turning left in front of you, if you are in

the left lane position, you are required to move to the right lane position. If you wonder why we are

all on the right side of the road, that might explain it.

– Stay relaxed, calm, and engaged in your surroundings at all times.

-Your safety is paramount, please follow Lionel’s “5 P’s of protection” at all time while riding:

-Presume you are invisible to all drivers.

-Protect yourself by maintaining a “bubble” of space around you.

-Predict the stupid things the drivers are going to do while on the ride.

-Plan your “escape route” if that drive preforms the stupid action.

-Proceed thru the plan if danger arises by forcing yourself to focus on the plan rather than the

danger. Remember, “where you look is where you go.”


-What comes next, now that I have finished my three road rides you ask? You are always welcome to

come along for another ride. If you have your own bike there is a $20 dollar charge to hold a spot. If

you need a bike and/or gear there is a $40 charge.

Thanks for reading this important information, we look forward to having you join us on a road ride.

Remember, every great ride starts in 1stgear.